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Personal Consultant

The service of our Certified Senior Advisor/ Senior Move Manager are free of charge and appointments can be arranged Sunday through Saturday.

Working with seniors and family, we allot the necessary time to address needs, concerns, personal preference, storage, floor plans, packing, timetable etc. A stress-less move is a managed move, because nothing is left to the last minute, there is no excess, and client comfort, safety and satisfaction are paramount.

Ultimately, that golden transition leads to our goal, a happy client, family and community and it starts with our consultation.

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Downsize, Sort and Organize

A managed move begins with decluttering and downsizing, with the purpose of editing the accumulation of decades, keeping what you love and what still has purpose. Less can be more: less time cleaning, less clutter, less to rearrange, but more time for yourself, friends, family, and to enjoy life. Less can be liberating!

Handling the accumulation of 30, 40, or more years can be daunting! The unused, forgotten, neglected, dated, and “someday I may need this item”, can hide in attics, garages, basements, closets and sheds for decades. Stashes of old magazines, newspapers, paper files, photographs, books, records, tapes etc. can overwhelm seniors and their adult children. Chemicals, obsolete technologies, old bedding and furniture can be disposed of with our home cleanout service and we will safely oversee the destruction of private documents.

Our professional organizers can sort through piles of mail (relevant and junk), bills, medical documents, family photographs, books, music, art, clothing, kitchen objects, pantries and more. Where excess exists we do the sorting and organizing at your direction (with our thoughtful consideration). We can also offer the the services of a Daily Money Manager with financial power of attorney representation to handle your bill paying,banking and other personal services. We can provide balance to your checkng account!

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Move Management

Like a good news article, the managed move addresses the who, what, when, where and why. Working with client, adult children, and communities, Golden Transition knows the “ who” at senior communities, storage facilities, etc.,knowing “What” is to be moved , for all items are labeled and “where” they are to be placed . The “when” to meet the time frame of community, realtor, and family. And the “why” respecting the wishes of client and caretaker.

The move manager makes the best choice of mover based on content, price and suitability for each contracted job, the proper loading of the truck, which is job specific and since we know our communities, observe the suitable point of access and best route to avoid any disturbance.

Most importantly, managing the cost by providing clients only the services they want or need…

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Home Staging

Providing Home Staging services to best show your home for today’s market, addressing both the interior and the exterior appearance. This includes minor repairs, detail cleaning, decluttering and importantly the curb appeal of your residence. Over 90 percent of all homes are first viewed on the internet and by providing professional photographs we literally can put your home in the best light. With contents reduced, rooms are more spacious, inviting and easier for prospective buyers to visualize as their own. Lastly, working locally with only the best realtor in your area, we typically get quicker and more profitable sales.
Home Modifications

When staying at home is the best solution, our services make for a safer, more efficient environment. Over half of all falls occur in the home and most occurrences are due to loose rugs, poor lighting, clutter on floors and stairs, poor placement of bulky or heavy objects, exposed cords and lack of railings and grab bars. Professional services can see to these issues.
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Estate Liquidation and Clean Outs

We arrange for the sale of suitable items through a network of antique dealers, estate sales, consignment shops and online listings (where we protect the privacy or our clients) and arrange for donation, dispersal or disposal of any items left in your home, leaving your former residence in suitable condition for its new owner.

Floor plans

Providing for the additional attention towards the needs of seniors, efficient floor plans are part of our service. Esthetics, clear pathways for walkers, and wheelchairs, placement for items within easy reach, proper lighting (including lighting controls), audio, visual and computer component location and installation, even closet systems can receive our attention, Golden Transition sees to the details!
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Coordinate Donations

We pack items for donation and coordinate pick up by local charities or drop off where and when necessary. A detailed list of donations is provided for your tax records upon request. With our experience we can help determine what is appropriate and suitable for donation.
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Pack, Unpack and Resettle

Professionally packing assures the safe delivery of all your belongings, paying special attention to delicate items; there is no shake, rattle and roll in our packed boxes! Our packing practices meet the requirements of moving companies, air freight carriers, LTL shipment, freight forwarders and both domestic and overseas shipment. Even home insurers use our service. Most importantly, uniform commercial grade boxing and packing ensures the safe and efficient transport from location to location.

Using digital photos, recreation of the look and feel of your current home is possible or we can redesign. . Unpacking and best placement practices will have you quickly resettled in your new home. When done, your bed is made, kitchen is set up, lighting is in place, electronics are connected, and all packing is removed. Our clients acclimate more quickly!

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Detail Cleaning

Expert cleaning is available, using dry steam or suitable cleaning agents we can refresh your home. With years of experience, an efficient service is provided.
After the move or through the sales process, Golden Transition can maintain the clean and orderly appearance of your home and provide maintenance where and when required. In your absence, there is no need for concern.
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Special Concerns

We proudly and respectfully provide attention to clients with memory and physical challenges. All team members have the patience and empathy our job requires.