An asset in your marketing efforts is the partnering with our move management company. Golden Transition has manifold advantages such as addressing the question: “What do I do with my stuff”, offering presentations and seminars providing the best professional direction to inform seniors and their adult children allaying any anxiety, all without charge. We offer marketing incentives and discounts on necessary services to incentivize potential residents. Our consultation are free of charge and conducted by a CSA; informative to community, family and client. In short we want to be your best resource in filling your vacancies and educating families.

Golden Transition partners with the non profit Lehigh Valley Senior Services Council offering the best of the best in our area in senior services addressing move management and estate sales, financial assessment, elder law and asset protection, care management, a doctor who does house calls, real estate consultation and sales,and non medical in home care; initial contact for any or all services are available with only one phone call, 7 days a week. All members offer discounts on their paid services further offering opportunities for your success.

Golden Transition does…

happy seniors

  • Educational services and marketing providing the best resource of professional expertise in the area as a member of the nonprofit Lehigh Valley Senior Services Council.
  • Free in depth consultations, typically 3 hours (or more).
  • Enable prospects with physical and memory difficulties.
  • Partner only with the most experienced realtors to avoid the hopscotching from one agency to the next every 60 to 90 days.
  • Eliminate the excuses for not moving. We love what we do and it shows!
  • With our resources, quickly get homes on the market.
  • When medicare runs out, and home is not an option, we can respond quickly.
  • Do intra community moves (independent living to personal care to skilled nursing or memory unit), to hasten the availability of a new residence.

Seniors move to communities for…

happy seniors

  • Freedom from yard work and home maintenance.
  • No property taxes, reduced or no utilities costs.
  • Overcoming an insular existence. The advantage of living amongst residents of your own age with similar interests.
  • Better food, better nutrition and dietary specific menus. No more canned soup or frozen dinners.
  • Convenient health services and rehab without excuses.
  • Access to doctors, shopping, cultural events, and religious services without a stressful drive. No car, no car maintenance, no car insurance costs necessary.
  • Safety, do to better security and help is only a pull cord away.
  • Adult children are freed of worry.